Problem - Bleeding GumsHealthy gums do not bleed. If you have bleeding gums, then it is usually a sign that your gums are inflamed. Gums can be inflamed for a number of reasons. The most common causes of inflamed gums is the presence of bacteria found in plaque and calculus that has accumulated and sat in contact with your gums for long periods of time. Other causes include:

Our Bleeding Gums Dentistry Treatment Services

If you have bleeding gums it is a sure sign that you need to have the health of your gums checked, and book in a professional treatment by our Dental Hygienist.

Our treatments include:

  1. In cases where the plaque and calculus build-up is low to mild, without any underlying bone or gum loss, a scaling and cleaning appointment will remove all the calculus (hardened plaque) build-up on the teeth and allow the gums a chance to heal. One to two visits are usually involved. Simple stains will also be removed. Your home gum health care program is also vital in the resolution of the gum inflammation. Our experienced hygienist will guide you through dental care techniques during your scaling and cleaning appointment.
  2. In cases where there already is measurable bone and gum health loss, our hygienist will recommend a series of visits to correct or reverse some of this early stage damage. Three to four visits are usually involved. Home care maintenance is vital. Laser treatment may be considered useful at this stage.
  3. In cases where the damage is moderate to advanced, and the long term health of your teeth is now at risk, an advanced program of visits spaced at three monthly intervals will be recommended. Blocks of four visits every three months would be required. The use of a laser, together with antibiotic therapy, will be recommended and introduced to try to reduce the risk of losing teeth

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