Dental Check Up and CleaningWe are conveniently located in central Camberwell which makes visiting us twice a year for a dental check up even easier. These visits are essential in maintaining the health of your teeth. These appointments are a core aspect of preventative dentistry and dental hygiene, which is something Care Dental Camberwell values as a thorough and caring dentist.

Regular dental examinations allow us to undertake numerous tasks. For instance, our specialist team of hygienists can provide a thorough scaling and cleaning of your teeth. This type of professional clean can help prevent gum disease. In addition, our expert dentists can check the health of your mouth, gums and teeth. Six monthly check ups allow us to ensure that any potential issue does not become serious.

These visits also give us the opportunity to provide education. We are able to ensure that your brushing and flossing techniques are working well, while also observing if any dietary or lifestyle issues are damaging your oral health.

The Oral Health Benefits of Dental Check Ups

Regular dental visits help prevent serious health issues. If we are able to intervene at an early stage, small issues stay small, which saves you money and pain. Intervention can also protect you from cosmetic issues such as missing and stained teeth.

Our dental check ups can alleviate more than oral health issues. Early stage detection of gingivitis can prevent gum disease or periodontitis, which has been linked to issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even premature birth. We can also detect oral cancers and a range of other severe health conditions.

All aspects of health are interlinked. Looking after your teeth, gums and mouth, is one of the steps to looking after the rest of your body.

What You Can Expect at a Dental Check Up

Firstly, you will be treated as a person, not just another patient. We understand that a visit to the dentist can be a troubling experience. Don’t worry. We take your feelings into account, and all of the following tasks will be conducted in a gentle way that makes you feel entirely safe and comfortable.

At our dental check up, we will:

We offer this service as part of your long-term dental care program. It really is your best chance at enjoying a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

For more information, click here to view the dental costs associated with regular check ups.

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