Dental hygiene mouth check upRegular dental hygiene check-ups help develop strong teeth and gums, reduce your risk of your heart disease and high blood pressure, improving your overall health and wellbeing. Maintaining proper oral hygiene ensures that you won’t experience embarrassing conditions, like bad breath, or plaque and tartar build up. And, best of all, it lowers the likelihood that you’ll have to treat more severe dental problems, which can often be quite easily, and inexpensively prevented.
Dental Hygiene

Our Dental Hygiene Services

Here at Care Dental Camberwell, we believe that oral hygiene can greatly affect your overall long-term health, and promote a more confident you and a much brighter smile. When it comes to dental hygiene, prevention through daily teeth cleaning and regular check-ups is better for your health and your budget. Our dental hygiene services include:

1. Periodontal Disease Treatment

Also known as gum disease treatment, these services range from nonsurgical therapies that control bacterial growth, right through to surgery to restore supportive tissue

2. Preventive Dentistry

The objective of preventive dentistry is to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth sparkling. Together, we can develop a long-term maintenance plan that is sure to prevent the need for expensive dental treatments down the track.

3. Teeth Cleaning

Our professional dental cleaning services remove plaque and tartar deposits that build up on your teeth over time, leaving your smile as sparkling as possible.

Why Opt for Dental Hygiene Services?

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