Gaps between the teeth are known as diastemas in the dental world. The most common place that gaps occur is in the upper front teeth, but this isn’t the only place a diastema can show up.

gaps between teethThere are a number of factors behind gaps between teeth. A difference in the size between upper and lower jawbones is a key factor. The size of teeth also plays a role. Teeth that are too large for the jaw will create crowding while teeth that are too small will create spaces and gaps.

Misshapen or undersized teeth can lead to diastema, as can habits such as thumbsucking and incorrect swallowing reflexes, both of which push the upper teeth forward and create gaps. Gaps between teeth caused by either of these habits will expand over time, meaning they are more easily treatable than natural gaps.

Without treatment, gaps caused by natural factors will remain at a similar size over the course of a lifetime – meaning dental intervention is the only way to remove or reduce the gaps.

The best way to prevent gaps from occurring between teeth is to maintain a comprehensive dental health regime. Periodontal disease is a huge risk factor when it comes to gaps between teeth, so regular brushing and flossing is the best way to avoid any bone loss. Obviously, breaking bad habits such as bruxism and thumbsucking are important steps in keeping perfectly spaced teeth.

However, if you have gaps in your teeth that are keeping you from feeling your confident, Care Dental Camberwell have the answers you have been looking for.

Our Treatments For Closing the Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between teeth can be caused by a variety of underlying problems. For some patients, diastema may be the result of chronic periodontal disease while for others it may just be an annoyance as the result of a single misshapen tooth.

The one thing that all cases of diastema have in common is they cause an abnormal bite and this can be a serious dental problem. There are a number of ways to treat an abnormal bite and close the gaps between your teeth including:

Why Treat Gaps Between Your Teeth

Even slight abnormalities can cause serious problems. Teeth are simply unable to be fully-functional unless they are properly aligned. These problems run from aesthetic issues all the way to serious health problems. They include: