Couple in bed sleeping with man snoring or sleep apneaOur sleep disorder dentistry services focus on the management of a whole range of disorders, from sleep apnea and bruxism, to teeth grinding and snoring. Our professional, caring team of experts can help you overcome all the issues that go hand-in-hand with sleep disorders, including daytime drowsiness, memory loss, headaches, impaired concentration and more serious affects such as stroke and heart attack.

We can help with oral appliance therapy for the treatment of sleep apnea and bruxism splints for teeth grinding. With Care Dental Camberwell’s team of experts on the job, you’ll be sleeping like a baby before you know it.
Solution - Sleep Disorder Dentistry

Our Sleep Disorder Dentistry Treatment Services

When it comes to sleep disorder dentistry, individual, tailored treatment plans are extremely important. Care Dental Camberwell will always identify and assess your overall health before embarking on any type of sleep disorder dental services. We then tailor our treatment and approach based on your individual needs, health, and lifestyle.

Our sleep disorder dentistry services include:

1. Bruxism Splints To Prevent Teeth Grinding

Commonly used to treat a variety of disorders, many of which manifest themselves through the grinding, clenching or gnashing of teeth. Made from soft rubber (silicone), bruxism splints are a little bit like a mouth guard. They even out the pressure across your jaw and create a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth, which protects all of your teeth from further damage. They also reduce grinding noises that you make during the night.

2. Sleep Apnea Treatment

An area in which Dr Anna and the experienced team at Care Dental Camberwell is well versed. We provide a full range of state-of-the-art oral appliances, all of which are proven to help in the reduction of both sleep apnea and snoring. With Care Dental Camberwell looking after you, you can rest assured that a good night’s sleep is just around the corner.

Why Opt for Sleep Disorder Dentistry?