Splints For Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a common condition that can have devastating impacts on the health of teeth and the mouth. Bruxism most commonly occurs at night, while we are sleeping. It is often result of stress or anxiety and because it occurs unconsciously it is difficult to treat.

Grinding places enormous pressure and stress on the teeth as well as the muscles and bones that make up your face and jaw. Sufferers often report aching jaws, headaches and even temporomandibular disorders (TMD). If left untreated teeth can be chipped, loosened and even fractured.

splints for teeth grinding

Our Splint Treatment For Teeth Grinding

A splint (or mouth guard) for teeth grinding works as a guard between your teeth. It is removable and we mould it to your teeth to ensure the perfect, comfortable fit. The splint absorbs the pressure created by the grinding and gives your teeth and the bones and muscles in your jaw a well needed rest.

The procedure is very straightforward and it only takes two visits. During the first visit, we will use a paste to create a mould for your teeth, this mould will be sent off so a dental technician can create the splint. During your second visit, the mould will be fitted and checked. If it’s a good fit, all you have to do is wear the splint every night and you’ll go a long way to saving your teeth and preventing all those aches and pains.

In severe cases of bruxism, you may need to be referred to a neuromuscular surgeon so they can relax the jaw muscles and allow them to function normally.

Why Get a Splint Treatment?

If you suffer from bruxism you need a splint to prevent:

  • Chipping, wearing and eventual fracture and loss of your teeth and the overall functionality of your mouth. Patients who suffer from Bruxism often find everyday activities like chewing painful, the splints take the pressure of your teeth which makes eating far easier.
  • Problems such as jaw pain, headaches, tenderness, muscle tightness and TMD that can have debilitating effects on your day to day life. Getting a splint is an incredibly effective way of addressing and preventing this pain and helping you to enjoy life more.
  • The need to engage in expensive dental and surgical treatments that often needed in cases of severe and prolonged Bruxism. For example, wearing a splint / mouth guard at night will prevent your teeth from wearing down which can save you from having to get expensive treatments such as crowns, bridges and even dental implants in the case of tooth loss.