All You Ever Needed to Know About Direct Laminate Veneers

Direct laminate veneers are relatively new in the world of dentistry. Less invasive than crowns, they can be the perfect way to treat gaps between your teeth, poorly shaped teeth, and even discoloured teeth.

So, if your smile is not quite as bright, white and sparkling as it could be, then it might be time to consider this relatively new procedure. Care Dental Camberwell’s comprehensive guide to direct laminate veneers is the perfect place to start your research.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic, porcelain, or a composite resin material, which are bonded to the front of your teeth. They are commonly used to correct issues such as discolouration, misshaped teeth, and to generally improve and brighten your smile. The application of veneers usually requires little or no anaesthesia and can be the ideal choice for improving the aesthetics of your front teeth.

What are Direct Laminate Veneers?

Direct laminate veneers are a slightly more conservative, and less invasive alternative to more traditional porcelain or ceramic veneers. The main difference between traditional veneers and direct laminate veneers are the way in which the veneers are applied.

If you opt for traditional, ceramic or porcelain veneers, then the surface of your teeth will be buffed, removing up to half a millimetre of your teeth, before a mould of your teeth is made. This mould is then sent to a laboratory so that individual veneers for each of your teeth can be sculpted. The veneers are then carefully bonded onto your teeth.

By comparison, when applying direct laminate veneers, the surface of your teeth will be etched (rather than buffed away), and then an adhesive coating applied. Layers of tooth coloured plastic are then applied to recreate your teeth’s entire front surface. An intense light is applied during the layering to cure and harden the plastic, which is then contoured and polished to create a natural looking tooth.

Advantages of Direct Laminate Veneers

There are a number of advantages to opting for direct laminate veneers (if the procedure is suitable for you), particularly when compared to more traditional ceramic or porcelain veneers, including:

  • Generally speaking, direct laminate veneers do not require the removal of your teeth’s surface (traditional ceramic veneers may do).
  • As they don’t require moulds, impressions or laboratory manufacturing, direct laminate veneers usually have a less expensive cost than their porcelain counterparts.
  • They can usually be removed without damaging the surface of the tooth underneath. As such, if you’re not happy with your veneers, further treatment can be undertaken – a really great advantage. Repairs are relatively quick and easy
  • Provided that they receive the proper dental care, direct laminate veneers can last for quite some time minimum of 5 years.
  • Approximately a third of the cost

Disadvantages of Direct Laminate Veneers

  • There are a couple of disadvantages that crop up from time-to-time for direct laminate veneers, including:
  • As they aren’t quite as strong as porcelain veneers, they can tend to chip or break if your bite is not correct.
  • They can require more maintenance than their porcelain counterparts.
  • They can stain with heavy coffee/tea consumption of regular red lipstick usage.

What is the Process for Direct Laminate Dental Veneers?

The direct laminate veneer procedure is relatively straightforward, usually requiring little or no anaesthesia at all.

You will need at least two appointments at Care Dental Camberwell before the entire procedure is complete. These appointments will usually involve diagnosis and treatment planning, before the treatment itself:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning: here at Care Dental Camberwell, we encourage all of our patients to take an active role in the design of their smile. We work with you to ensure you are fully aware of any limitations of the dental veneer procedure, and what outcome you can expect. If you’re not entirely comfortable after the first consultation, we’re more than happy to arrange a second and do a Digital Smile Design mock-up to show you what they may look like.
  • Treatment: preparing your teeth for the application of your veneers is a vital component of the procedure. To begin with, we will lightly etch your teeth. In extreme cases, we may need to buff your teeth to allow for the added thickness that the veneers will bring to your teeth. This part of the procedure is the only time during which an anaesthetic might be required. Once this is complete, we add plastic to the surface of your teeth to create a naturally contoured layer. This plastic is hardened using an intense light. Once the plastic is hard, we shape and polish it to create completely natural-looking teeth.

After that, all that’s left to do is show off your sparkling new smile!

Veneers – Before and After

Direct laminate veneers can improve the appearance of teeth dramatically, particularly teeth at the front of the mouth. Care Dental Camberwell in Camberwell has performed literally thousands of these types of procedures, and the results are obvious; a sparkling A-list smile within minutes.

Take a minute to peruse our image gallery of Veneers – Before and After. We’re sure you’ll agree: the improvement is just astounding.

How Much Do Direct Laminate Veneers Cost?

The cost of dental veneers can vary considerably, depending on a whole range of factors, including:

  • How many of your teeth require direct laminate veneers
  • The condition of your teeth prior to having veneers applied
  • The type of health insurance that you have (often, standard health insurance does not cover the cost of cosmetic procedures)
  • It is important to keep in mind that, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and direct laminate veneers, you really do get what you pay for. Veneers can be expensive. But, given that most veneers last for approximately 10 years, the initial investment (when spread out over 10 years) is much less than what most of us spend on our morning coffee. The boost to your self-esteem, confidence and general wellbeing is truly priceless. Your smile is the one accessory you never leave home without.

With Care Dental Camberwell looking after your direct laminate veneer procedure, you can rest assured that it is money well spent; our prices give you access to Dr Anna’s extensive experience and expertise.

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