Children`s Dentistry

Ultimate Dental Care for Your Child

Bringing your child to the dentist at a young age creates healthy habits and sets them up for a lifetime of good oral health. At Care Dental Camberwell, we provide various children’s dental services, such as fissure sealants, teeth cleaning, and preventative dentistry.

We create a safe and fun environment for children of all ages. We offer Netflix, Disney+, and a children’s corner with activities for a positive experience from start to finish. For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment for your child, contact us today.

Children's Dentistry at Care Dental Camberwell

Care Dental Camberwell treats kids of all ages. Our team of dentists and hygienists takes the time to answer your and your child’s questions. We have the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice on your child’s oral health.

Contact us today to learn more about nutritional advice, how to develop good oral habits, and how to prevent cavities.

What to Expect at a Children's Dentistry Appointment

Care Dental Camberwell knows that dental appointments can be nerve-wracking, especially for children. That is why our team goes above and beyond to make sure our patients are relaxed and comfortable.

We explain the process in simple terms to help them understand what the dentist is doing and put them at ease. “Mr Whistle is going to give your tooth a bath and tickle it a bit, while our little straw here is going to drink up all the water in your mouth! :)”

During your child’s appointment, our dentists will check their teeth, tongue, and cheeks. Next, we discuss their overall oral health and hygiene and explain the proper technique for brushing.

Finally, we clean, floss, and polish their teeth and go over how to prevent oral health issues.

Why Care Dental Camberwell?

Care Dental Camberwell has a team of skilled and professional hygienists and dentists to help with your children’s dentistry needs. We use the latest technology and best practices to make appointments as quick and efficient as possible. We are even available for emergency appointments.

We offer numerous streaming services and a TV on the ceiling to help distract our little patients and make them more comfortable. However, for our anxious patients, we provide onsite nitrous oxide (happy gas) sedation. In addition to these reasons for choosing Care Dental Camberwell, we also offer the following advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children’s dentistry is important for various reasons. It helps catch issues such as tooth decay and encourages healthy oral habits. The earlier you bring your child to the dentist, the more comfortable they will be for future visits.
Care Dental Camberwell recommends that your child visits the dentist when their baby teeth appear. They should continue to visit once every six months to ensure a healthy smile. However, each child is different, and certain medical conditions may require more frequent visits.
The Dental Child Benefits Scheme, or CDBS, is a government program that provides additional benefits. It gives subsidies to help cover the cost of certain dental services and is available for children between the ages of 2 and 17. To qualify, you must ensure that your information is up-to-date with Medicare and Centrelink. Not all children are eligible, you must check your eligibility with Medicare. CDBS does not cover the cost of cosmetic dentistry.

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For more information on our children’s dentistry services, contact Care Dental Camberwell. We are committed to creating beautiful smiles and providing safe and reliable dentistry.