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Professional Laser Dentistry in Camberwell

Laser dentistry is an innovative way to improve your oral health without troublesome drilling. Care Dental Camberwell offers efficient laser dentistry that will make your smile better than ever. Our advanced laser dentistry treatments allow us to perform numerous procedures, including gum cleaning, fibroma removal, haemangioma removal, porcelain crown removal, laser-assisted fillings, sleep apnea treatment and much more.

Care Dental Camberwell has a state-of-the-art laser machine called the Fotona LightWalker, one of the leading laser dentistry devices available on the market. In fact, Care Dental Camberwell is one of less than ten other dental clinics with a Fotona LightWalker in the entire state of Victoria . Our team has vast experience with this innovative dental instrument, ensuring you receive top-quality service every time you visit our office.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a revolutionary new way to perform dental procedures without using conventional tools. Rather than using painful drills, scalpels, and scalers, dentists utilise advanced lasers to maintain and improve your oral health without causing discomfort. It’s a minimally invasive practice that makes unpleasant dental surgeries and deep cleanings a thing of the past.

Care Dental Camberwell uses cutting-edge soft tissue lasers that utilise water and light to clean and repair teeth. It’s a painless alternative to traditional dentistry. For oral surgery procedures, laser energy cauterised as it cuts, leaving the wound without any bleeding and a laser-treated wound actually heals multiple times faster than an conventional incision.

Safe and Effective Laser Dentistry in Camberwell

Many people believe laser dentistry is more dangerous than traditional oral procedures. However, laser dentistry is in fact safer than using conventional dentistry tools and even reduces the risk of infection.

Laser dentistry allows oral health professionals to perform surgery and other dental procedures without requiring you to go under the knife. It limits collateral damage, significantly reducing pain while improving your overall dental health. The revolutionary practice reduces the healing time, allowing you to recover faster and more efficiently.

Why Choose Laser Dentistry?

Again, Laser dentistry is an excellent alternative to traditional dental surgery and procedures. It allows you to improve your oral health without excess discomfort, enhancing your overall experience.

Laser dentistry allows dentists to perform everything from root canals to gum disease treatment swiftly and more effectively. We use the sophisticated process for numerous dental procedures that help your smile reach its full potential, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Most laser dentistry procedures are virtually painless and don’t require anaesthetics. It allows dentists to perform numerous tasks without inflicting pain on patients, making anaesthetics obsolete in most cases.

However, some extensive laser procedures do require anaesthetics to limit discomfort. Your dentist will assess your situation and determine if you need anaesthetics.

Dental lasers kill bacteria and sanitise surgical areas, reducing the chance of infection. They also promote photobiomodulation (promotion of cell growth and healing), allowing you to recover from wounds in record time.

Laser dentistry allows dentists to perform multiple tasks that improve your overall oral health. Some of the most common laser dentistry procedures include:
● Decay removal
● Root canal disinfection
● Teeth sterilisation
● Gum disease treatment
● Tooth whitening
● Various oral surgeries
● Gum lifts
● Cold sore reduction and prevention
● Fibroma and haemangioma removal

Laser Dentistry provides numerous benefits, including but not limited to:
● virtually eliminates pain
● doesn’t require traditional dental tools
● Fast and Efficient
● Doesn’t require recovery periods

Laser dentistry is safer than traditional dental practices and doesn’t cause excess discomfort or lengthy healing times. It’s completely safe for adults and children alike, making painful dental procedures a thing of the past.

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