Teeth Extraction

High-quality Teeth Extraction in Camberwell

Having teeth removed is often a harrowing experience. However, Care Dental Camberwell makes teeth extraction simple and stress-free, improving your oral health while reducing severe pain.

Care Dental Camberwell is Camberwell’s most trusted dental practice. We specialise in high-quality dental procedures that improve your smile, oral hygiene, and overall well-being. If you need professional teeth extraction services in Camberwell, contact Care Dental Camberwell.

Professional Teeth Extraction in Camberwell

Professional teeth extraction consists of removing impacted or damaged teeth that hinder your oral health. It’s a quick and efficient process and is done under local anaesthetics to ensure a pain-free experience.

Although most people associate tooth extraction with wisdom teeth removal, dentists use the procedure for other oral issues that cause severe pain or discomfort when repairs aren’t possible.

The Care Dental Camberwell team has over 17 years of teeth extraction experience and can improve your oral health so your smile reaches its true potential.

Our Process

We begin our teeth extraction process by assessing the situation to find the best approach. We then administer a numbing agent to the affected region to eliminate pain during the extraction process.

Once we numb the area, your dentist will remove the tooth safely and efficiently without affecting the adjacent teeth. If we believe the extraction requires an oral surgeon, we will find you a qualified specialist to complete the process.

What To Expect After Tooth Extraction

After we remove the tooth, a blood clot forms within the socket, limiting the bleeding while healing the wound.

To protect the blood clot, we insert gauze over the area and provide instructions to the person looking over you to improve healing. Bleeding and swelling usually subsides after 24 hours, but you’ll need to avoid hard foods and regularly ice the area to ensure a speedy and efficient recovery. When required, you will be given a script of antibiotics and/or painkillers to help you heal faster and better. You can expect the following after tooth extraction

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients typically experience multiple symptoms when they require teeth extraction services. Although the symptoms vary depending on the issue or condition, the most common include:

● Excess tooth sensitivity
● Severe pain when drinking or chewing
● Gum swelling
● Nausea
● Vomiting
● Mouth discharge
● Chills or fever due to infection

Although some people develop wisdom teeth without experiencing discomfort, most endure moderate to severe pain once they arise, requiring immediate extraction. If your wisdom teeth comes out tilted, they cause severe food traps and can typically cause gum infection around the crown of the tooth called pericoronitis. It can be extremely painful while leaving you prone to infection and decay of the tooth in front of it.

In these circumstances, It’s best to extract wisdom teeth as soon as possible to limit the pain and ensure pristine oral health. Care Dental Camberwell can handle all your tooth extraction needs at a fair and affordable price.

Your dentist will provide detailed instructions to help you recover after the teeth extraction process. These tips usually include:

● Take pain relievers
● Ice the affected area
● Rinse your mouth with salt water
● Avoid straws and hard foods
● Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol for several days
● Elevate your head to hinder bleeding
● Avoid strenuous activity for two days or more
● Carefully brush and floss your teeth while avoiding the affected area

Most patients fully recover from teeth extraction seven to 14 days after the procedure. However, if your symptoms persist after 14 days, contact us immediately for further service. We will evaluate your situation and offer further assistance.

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