Dental Emergency

Prompt, Reliable Treatment for Your Dental Emergencies

Experiencing a dental emergency is never ideal. Fortunately, thanks to Care Dental Camberwell, our patients can access the treatment they need when they need it most, whether because of a broken tooth, tooth pain, or other oral health concern.

Our professional emergency dentist can attend to your urgent needs. Care Dental Camberwell understands that accidents can happen at any time. This is why our team is dedicated to ensuring your dental trauma doesn’t worsen. Get in touch with us to learn more.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are dental problems that require the prompt attention of a dentist to relieve pain, save a tooth, or stop an infection. These emergencies can occur due to various reasons. For instance, you could be involved in an accident that results in one of your teeth getting knocked out. In such cases, the quicker you resolve the situation, the less impact it will have on your oral health.

Are you going through an emergency and need urgent care? Get in touch with Care Dental Camberwell and schedule your dental emergency appointment.

What Do Our Emergency Dentists Do?

When you call us about your dental emergency, our team will advise you on the necessary steps you can take to manage your dental pain. After, we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible, often that same day to get you the immediate professional assistance you need.

During treatment, our first step will be to address your pain. Afterwards, we will diagnose your dental problem and determine an ideal treatment. Our team will then review your options, helping you pick a solution that promises to yield your desired results. Solutions may involve filling a cavity, replacing a lost crown, or managing your pain while we schedule other services, like root canal therapy.

Dental Emergencies We Address

While dental emergencies are rarely a matter of life and death, at Care Dental Camberwell, we have still gone on to set up a dedicated service. We even provide after-hours assistance if the need arises.

Though we close on weekends, we can still offer you the help you need. We always have a team ready to attend to the calls we receive, even on weekends. We have a work mobile for our patients to text us should an emergency dental issue arises. Never hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance with various dental emergencies, such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

You could break or crack your teeth after experiencing hard impacts during accidents or sports. Swelling in your jaws or gums could signify serious dental issues. Many consider experiencing severe pain in their jaw, teeth, or gums a dental emergency because it could be related to an underlying problem. If you’re not sure your concern is an emergency, give our office a call. We can advise you on what treatment you may need.
As you wait to see the dentist, your primary focus should be finding ways to manage your pain. In most cases, taking over-the-counter medication can help. At Care Dental Camberwell, we can organise a prescription of recommended painkillers and/or antibiotics to your local chemist.
Depending on the dental emergency, certain home remedies can aid your situation, such as saltwater rinses, a cold compress, or a heat pack to reduce discomfort.

Reliable Dental Emergency Services in Camberwell

Are you dealing with a broken tooth or severe jaw pain? Reach out to Care Dental Camberwell today and let our team offer you the prompt dental emergency treatments you need.