Celebrities with Braces

celebrities with braces

Getting the news that you need braces is always hard. Despite all the advancements in technology that have moved braces away from the medieval torture instruments they used to resemble, there is still a lot of anxiety surrounding braces.

Braces may cause a little embarrassment for the first couple of weeks but they are undeniably effective. In fact, some of the best smiles in the world have been crafted by the slow and subtle pull and tug of a set of braces.

If you take notice, you’ll see braces everywhere, form young children to older people. They’re as common in the schoolyard as they are in the office and you’ll be surprised to find out that they’re even common on the red carpet.

Yes, even celebrities are born with imperfections in their teeth and bite and have had to turn to braces to create the smiles that have carried them from unknowns to superstardom. Musicians, actors and even royalty have decided to put aside the short-lived embarrassment and have braces fitted in order to guarantee themselves a life long of picture perfect smiles.

Here’s a selection of some of the celebrities who have had their lives’ changed by braces.

Emma WatsonEmma Watson

Emma Watson, or Hermione as you might know her, made the decision to have braces fitted in order to increase her confidence. As a megastar actor and model it was important for her to flash her teeth on cue, so she had braces fitted for four months and hasn’t looked back since.

Kendall Jenner

Putting aside the debate as to whether the Kardashian family deserve celebrity status, there’s no denying that this Victoria’s Secret Angel wouldn’t have gotten to where she is without a set of straight, shiny teeth. Kendall had braces fitted at the age of 13 and you can now see that smile lighting up the runways and magazine covers in every corner of the globe.

Dakota Fanning

This child star had to take the hard road to a move star smile. Dakota was born without the enzyme that breaks baby teeth down, meaning she had to get six of her teeth pulled out before she had braces fitted. If she managed to go through all of that and deal with being a child star, anyone can get their braces fitted.

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie

If anyone knows how hard having braces in high school is its Angelina Jolie. Before she was famous she was just a shy girl with braces. Now she is one-half of a power couple, an Oscar winner and a humanitarian of such high-regard that she has become an ambassador to the United Nations. Could she have done all of that with crooked smile?

Niall Horan

Being a member of One Direction means your face is plastered around the world. Many people don’t realise that in the early days of One Direction, Niall did all of his shows and media with a set of braces. The results speak for themselves; he now has a smile that has catapulted him into the upper reaches of supertsardom.

Gwen Stefani

Lead singer of one the most seminal bands of the nineties and alternative fashion icon saw her braces as another element of her wardrobe. Instead of trying to blend the braces into her teeth she used bright elastics to make a statement. She actually got the braces as a gift to herself on her 30th birthday, showing that braces aren’t something to be endured – they’re a gift to your future self.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Arguably the most famous sport star in the world. He can do things with his feet that no one else can but he started off as a pimply, awkward-looking teenager with crooked teeth and braces to match. He’s now the leader of one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, an international icon, a pin-up boy and the recipient of an 80-million Euro a year salary.

Prince HarryPrince Harry

Royal blood doesn’t protect against wonky teeth and an abnormal bite. Prince Harry wore braces during his adolescence, so if it’s good enough for a Prince, then it must be good enough for the likes of us!

Braces won’t improve your soccer game but they might give you the confidence to take your star power from the pitch and out into the world.

So, if you’ve been hiding your crooked smile because you’re putting off getting braces let these celebrities inspire you. They took the plunge and have reaped the rewards. If your dentist has just told you that you’ll be spending the next couple of years with braces don’t despair, before you know it the braces will be off and you’ll be sporting a smile that will be the envy of everyone.

Braces aren’t what they used to be; with Invisalign and lingual braces now becoming more and more popular you can straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing you have braces.

Don’t let the fear stop you from getting the smile you want, braces are a wonderful gift to your future self. If you have any further questions related to braces, reach out to our Camberwell dentists.

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