Dental Trauma in Children

If your child has suffered trauma to their teeth or mouth, it’s important you call us right away. The quicker we see your child, the more chance we have of saving their teeth and avoiding any major surgery or treatments.

After you’ve called us there are some things you can do to help the situation, including:

  • If your child has lost a baby teeth don’t replant it, doing so can damage the developing adult tooth and cause problems when it erupts
  • If an adult tooth has been lost, pick it up by the crown and wash it in milk. If you don’t have any milk gently wash it with water and place it back in the socket. If it won’t hold leave it in a glass of milk until you see us.
  • If a tooth has been chipped try and find the broken piece and bring it along to your appointment in a glass of milk, there is a chance we’ll be able to reattach the chipped piece
dental trauma in children

Obviously, prevention is the best way to avoid trauma so if your child plays contact sports, like football or rugby, or even a non-contact sport where there is a chance of trauma you should make sure they wear a mouthguard.

Never use mouthguards that you buy off the shelf, a professionally fitted mouthguard will offer far better protection than one you get from a store.

Trauma Services We Provide

Despite your best efforts kids can get themselves, and their teeth, into trouble. Accidents are a natural part of growing up and you should rest easy in the knowledge that if something does go wrong we’ll be on hand to make it right.

No matter what happens to your child’s tooth – if they lose one or two teeth, crack it a little bit or chip it in half – we can fix it and save your child’s smile.

Just remember the tips we gave you above and also remember to contact us as quickly as you possibly can. Our friendly team will do everything they can to book you in for an appointment. 

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