Dental X-Ray

Dental x-rays are an essential diagnostic tool at Care Dental Camberwell. We have invested in the safest technology available, and our x-rays emit incredibly low and entirely safe levels of radiation.

X-rays allow us to find problems that can’t be identified with the naked eye. For example, we can see cavities or decay between the teeth or under pre-existing fillings and prevent it from becoming worse thus requiring invasive and expensive treatments.

dental x-rays

Our Dental X-Ray Procedure

An x-ray is a form of energy that passes through the body, the x-ray film absorbs these rays and creates different shades of grey to form an image. We use three types of x-rays:

  • Intra-oral
  • Extra-oral
  • 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional

The most commonly used method is the intraoral, which allows us to detect a range of dental issues:

  • The presence of disease and bacteria in the tooth canals and tooth roots
  • Early stage decay and cavities
  • The development of teeth in young children, which allows us to intervene in any developmental issues, so they don’t worsen
  • Check for gum disease before it progresses to later stages of disease which are challenging to treat
  • Check on your bite to see if you are affected by a malocclusion or any other jaw disorder

Why Visit Us For Dental X-Rays?

As a thorough and caring dentistry, we have worked hard to gather the safest and most effective x-ray equipment, this ensures:

  • Your exposure to radiation is significantly lowered. Having two intraoral radiographs taken is likened to be walking under the sun for 30 minutes. This is because there is cosmic radiation even just by sunbathing!
  • The images we capture are so effective that you don’t usually need to have any further x-rays taken
  • We can store our images digitally so we can pass them onto other health providers instantaneously, and we can view them immediately

X-rays are really nothing to fear. In fact, you are exposed to far more radiation in your day to day life than you are during an x-ray with us. They really are a necessary diagnostic tool. However, despite how safe they are, we do only recommend them when absolutely required.

If you are concerned about having an x-ray taken, or subjecting your child to an x-ray, please talk to one of our friendly staff members. We also have lead aprons available which can minimise radiation in targeted areas also. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and suggest further options if required.