Full Crown – Veneered – Indirect

A crown is a fantastic way to restore both the aesthetic and functionality of damaged teeth. Teeth can be damaged in multiple ways – decay, disease, age, trauma and poor oral health. The good news is Care Dental Camberwell can restore your teeth using our indirect restoration technology.

Indirect restorations use the latest technology to provide you with a lab-created tooth restoration. These restorations look and function as real teeth and will give you back the confidence you need. We can use a veneered crown to cover up some yellowed teeth or hide some stains or use a full crown to fix cracked, misshapen or even missing teeth.

full crown veneered indirect

Our Full Crown, Veneered and Indirect Restoration Treatment

Our thorough and caring approach to dentistry means that every factor is taken into account and you will get a treatment plan entirely suited to you:

  • The second stage will be about preparing the area for the indirect restoration. That means removing any damaged tissue and preparing the tooth or teeth to have the crowns affixed. We will then take a dental impression and send this off to the lab. If you are opting for our veneer treatment we can shape and fit these in-house and in the same appointment.
  • The first stage of your treatment will involve a consultancy session where we will decide on the best treatment option for your situation. You can choose if you want a full crown or a set of veneers. It’s all about setting out your goals and putting the steps in place to get you there.
  • The final stage involves attaching your perfectly shaped crown or veneers and doing some subtle shaping to ensure they are the perfect, natural fit.

Why Have A Full Crown, Veneered or Indirect Restoration Treatment

Misshapen, crooked teeth are not only an aesthetic problem they can also cause problems for your bite and overall dental health. By electing to have our indirect restoration treatment not only will you improve your smile and vitality you will also help to improve the functionality of your mouth and provide structural support to your teeth and gums.

We only use high-quality porcelain crowns and veneers at Care Dental Camberwell. You can trust that your initial investment will last for decades – no staining, no chipping and no return trips. Just a restorative option you can rely on.

Our emphasis on patient care means you can enjoy all the benefits of our treatment without having to worry. We know how to help you to overcome your phobias and receive the treatment you need and deserve.

We’ve seen the benefits of our treatment first hand. There’s nothing quite like watching someone walk out of our dentistry with a brand new smile, so don’t wait any longer.

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