Problem Missing TeethA missing tooth can cause two main problems:

  1. The drifting of remaining teeth: drifting usually effects the teeth that are adjacent or opposite the site of your missing tooth. This often occurs after a tooth has been extracted, where there is a gap for your remaining to move into easily. Teeth can drift sideways, or can tip into the area left by a missing tooth. Regardless of whether your teeth drift sideways or tip, the movement causes long-term problems, making your teeth become more prone to gum disease and root exposure.
  2. Bone loss: this occurs at the site of your missing tooth, when the root of your tooth is no longer connected to your jawbone. Without the root of your tooth, there is no need for your body to maintain bone density to keep the roots in place. As a result, the jawbone resorbs and shrinks away over time in both height and width. This makes installation of a replacement implant very difficult; bone grafts might even be required, which although an acceptable procedure, adds to the cost and complexity of implants.

If left untreated, both of these conditions will worsen over time, and can begin to affect all of your remaining teeth.

Our Teeth Replacement Services and Procedures

Missing teeth can be both a hindrance and an embarrassment to your daily life. They can restrict the type of foods you are able to eat, and leave you reluctant to smile properly. Care Dental Camberwell Camberwell is well versed in all teeth replacement procedures.
We offer a range of different teeth replacement options, which vary in both in complexity and in price, but all of which are designed to give you back the smile you deserve. Our missing teeth services include:

Why Replace a Missing Tooth?

There are a number of obvious, long-term benefits that flow from replacing your missing teeth, including: