Obstructive Sleep Apnea or Sleep Disordered Breathing in Kids

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is when an obstruction in the airway creates an insufficient flow of oxygen to the brain during sleep. The brain responds to this lack of oxygen by moving into a lighter level of sleep so the body can inhale more air, meaning OSA patients suffer from a lack of quality sleep.

OSA in children can have significant impacts on developing bodies and brains. Some of these impacts include ADHD, moodiness, delays in growth and development and bedwetting.

In children, enlarged tonsils and adenoids are the most common causes of obstruction but other orthodontic factors can also play a role. The dentist plays a big role in checking for OSA in children and at Care Dental Camberwell we check all children for enlarged tonsils and other signs and symptoms of sleep apnea to ensure the appropriate action is taken.

Our Sleep Apnea Treatments for Children

Oral appliances for the correction of sleep apnea are a specialty of ours. These appliances create more space in your airway by preventing the soft tissue at the back of your child’s mouth from collapsing while they sleep.

This form of treatment works in cases where an orthodontic problem, such as a misshapen jaw, is causing the problem but in the case where tonsils or adenoids are creating the blockage we will refer your child to a surgeon to have the problem alleviated.

Why Treat My Child’s Sleep Apnea?

  • Sleep is perhaps the most important thing in a developing child’s life. Sleep promotes growth and development and without quality rest your child won’t get the chance to develop to their full potential.
  • Lack of quality sleep can cause problems in all aspects of life, from school, to making friends and even in the playground as they may fall behind other children and be unable to join in with their activities.
  • You will enjoy a far more responsive, well-mannered child if they’re getting the right amount of sleep. A tired child isn’t fun for anyone so give them the chance to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

You can also visit our page on ‘Sleep Apnea Treatment’ for more detailed information.

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