Dental Implants Case Study

  • Patient Name: Jackson
  • Age: 35
  • Dental Issue: Failed root canal and crown

Dental Implants: Before and After

dental implants case study before
Dental Implants – Before
dental implants case study after
Dental Implants – After

Dental Problem

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, teeth can sometimes be impossible to save. If cavities have become too deep, or damage has become too extensive, often extraction of the tooth is the only answer. Losing a tooth doesn’t have to be the end of the world, and it doesn’t mean you have to stop yourself from smiling in public for the rest of your life.

Jackson’s front tooth was damaged approximately 10 years ago in a football game. At the time of the incident, his tooth was treated with root canal therapy and a crown – both of which had failed after a 10-year stint. The tooth was no longer viable to keep, and Jackson was worried about the aesthetic implications of loosing his tooth. The Care Dental Camberwell dentists suggested an implant as the best way to overcome the aesthetic and functional side effects of losing a tooth.

Before, Jackson’s main issues were:

  • Damaged front tooth requiring extraction leaving a gap
  • Uneven gum line which required a laser gum lift
  • Uncomfortable smiling due to poor aesthetic look of tooth

Dental Implant Solution

  • Step 1: After an initial discussion with Jackson, the team at Care Dental Camberwell decided that best option for Jackson was a long-term investment – a dental implant.
  • Step 2: After an implant was decided on, we had to assess the viability of Jackson’s jawbones for placing the implant fixtures. If his bones were unable to cope, another form of treatment would have been used.
  • Step 3: Jackson passed the viability test, so we implanted the fixtures and asked Jackson to come back in eight weeks for an assessment.
  • Step 4: The review showed that the fixtures were fitting in perfectly, so we inserted the new implant crown and gave Jackson a full whitening treatment as well as a laser gum lift. Plus internal whitening lower front tooth.
  • Step 5: Jackson left Care Dental Camberwell with a new smile and grateful that the dental team at Care Dental Camberwell was able to create a positive out of what could have been a disaster.