We Accept Any Health Insurance Funds

Care Dental Camberwell is a registered dental provider that accepts any health insurance funds and we have HICAPS facility which allows you to claim on-the-spot. Our focus is on providing thorough and caring treatments in cosmetic and general dentistry, gum disease and orthodontics. Patient care is our number one priority.

Out of all the health funds, we are preferred provider for CBHS health fund. Which means you can further benefit from having a gap-free check up, scale and clean, xrays and possibly other dental preventative treatments.


Access Superannuation for Dental Surgery


Introducing SuperCare

“Did you know that you can apply for the Early Release of your Superannuation to pay for your, or any of your family member’s, dental & orthodontic treatments?”

We are happy to Introduce SuperCare – an external service provider – that can assist you to make an Application via the Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) Program, operated by the Department of Human Services (DHS) to cover Dental and Orthodontic treatment costs.

SuperCare can help facilitate funding for most Dental procedures including:

  • Implants and Dentures
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Braces and Orthodontics
  • Root Canal
  • Crowns
  • General Dentistry

SuperCare’s intention is to alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with the financial burden of Dental and Orthodontic treatments and, in doing so, support the health of all Australians.

SuperCare is the only company in Australia specifically established to assist Patients with their ERS Applications.

SuperCare’s caring, knowledgeable and professional Consultants efficiently case manage every ERS Application to ensure a stress free and timely outcome. Each Applicant is kept fully informed and supported throughout the process and, as such, is made to feel ‘special’.

SuperCare – with you every step of the way!

Patients are advised to contact SuperCare direct to enquire via the SuperCare website by clicking here.

Why Do Dental Costs Vary So Much?

The cost of dental care services varies for a number of reasons; including:

  • The health and quality of the underlying teeth and gums. This can vary dramatically from patient to patient. We like to use an analogy when it comes to the quality of teeth and gums. It is a bit like comparing the foundations of your house; if they are not strong, then it is hard to build a brilliant new extension on the old house.
  • The type of material used. Whether composite (plastic), ceramic or gold materials are used will have a strong bearing on the costs of your dental procedure. Different materials vary greatly in terms of both time preparation and the number of visits required.
  • What treatment or procedures you actually need
  • How extensive and what level of treatment you need
  • The current condition of your teeth
  • Your level of health insurance (sometimes health insurance does not cover the cost of treatments such as cosmetic dental procedures)
  • The scope of treatment required; whether one or multiple teeth are involved
  • And finally, how durable and ‘perfect’ you want the final result to be. Are you happy with a good wool carpet for your home’s floors or are you expecting Italian marble?!

It is important to keep in mind that, when it comes to dental care, the age-old adage is true: you really do get what you pay for. Cheap dentistry is exactly that. The better the quality of your dental treatment, the more likely it is to last for years, or even the rest of your lifetime (if carefully maintained). The boost to your confidence and self-esteem, as well as the actual functioning of your teeth and mouth, should be above looking for the cheapest bargain!

No ceramic work is sent overseas to third world dental labs.


There is a whole range of reasons to choose Care Dental Camberwell for all your dental care needs:

    • We pride ourselves on our exceptional dental care, tailored to suit both your budget and your needs, so that the end result is a smile that sparkles.
    • With years of experience, Dr Anna can provide a wide range of advanced dental solutions for everything from simple tooth aches right through to complex dental conditions.
    • We are adept at treating children.
    • We use only state-of-the-art technology, like lasers, microscopes, and low dose digital x-rays
    • We don’t believe in ‘patch-up dentistry’. We evaluate your entire medical history, and provide dental care that is likely to be the most cost effective in the long-term.
  • We undertake complete planning and budgeting prior to any treatment. That way, you’re fully informed of all costs, right from the outset.