When and Why to Take Your Child to the Dentist

It is recommended to take your child to the dentist as soon as the baby teeth begin to erupt. Visiting the dentist early helps prevent or treat problems when they are small and more easily treated. It also helps familiarise children with the thought and process of visiting the dentist, which can be scary for some people.

To help acclimatise your children to visiting the dentist, it often helps to bring your child along to one of your own appointments—preferably a short and simple one—before you bring your child for a check-up themselves. For their first dental appointment, we usually start with a ‘ride’ in the chair and a count of the teeth.

There are many important reasons why you should take your child to the dentist, which are outlined below.

when and why to take your child to the dentist

Prevention 0f Dental Decay, Gum Disease, Toothache and Infection

The first aim of your dental professional is to prevent the occurrence of oral health problems for your child. Prevention of oral health problems can be prevented through good oral hygiene habits in combination with an appropriate diet. Though the onus of this rests mainly on you and your child, your dental professional is vital in providing appropriate education, advice and motivation to achieve this. Prevention is always the preferred option to treatment.

Dental Education

The risks associated with poor dental hygiene are severe. Whilst the purpose of dental education isn’t to fear-monger, the realities of poor dental hygiene are important to be aware of. Even for children, tooth decay can lead to gum disease and abscesses, which in turn can lead to conditions that affect the rest of the body.

Child’s Overall Health And Development

Poor oral health can ultimately lead to poor overall health and wellbeing, which can prove detrimental to the development of your child. From pain and infection to sleepless nights and orthodontic complications, early oral disease will present obstacles for you and your child that are entirely avoidable with correct care.

Prevention of Dental Phobias and Unpleasant Visits

Getting your child used to the dentist, and perhaps even to the stage where dental visits can be viewed as a fun experience—rather than a scary one—is highly beneficial for your child. That’s because the benefits of professional dental care never diminish, and will remain a consistent necessity for your child’s overall health and wellbeing throughout the rest of their lives.

Solutions and Services

Care Dental is highly experienced with and trained for the care of children. All of our staff and practitioners are driven to provide the very best dental services with complete patience and care. Whatever it is you or your child require, we have the experience and expertise to deliver, and the environment to comfort. We always advocate prevention, education, nutrition and personal care, but if your child is too young to sit in a chair and requires a broad array of treatment, we are connected to the very best Paediatric dentists who will work with your child under general anaesthetic.

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